Fernando Hernandez

My current international experience is geared towards training, consulting, developing and communicating quantitative risk, financial applications and decision making models. As a consultant and trainer since 2003, I have helped organizations setting up their decision-making models and quantifying and understanding their risks.
Conceptualizing, creating, testing, communicating and teaching quantitative risk and decision-making Excel-based models bring an array of hard and soft skills:
• Ability to understand and customize the client’s needs by understanding the industry’s business.
• Creativity and a vast experience on Excel modelling techniques to develop robust and high quality models.
• Outstanding multi-lingual communication skills to effectively convey ideas, convince audiences and motivate people at different hierarchy levels and quantitative skills, constantly teaming up with professionals on the organizations served.
• Expert on hard quantitative skills: Monte Carlo simulation, advanced Excel, statistical analysis and forecasting, artificial intelligence, optimization algorithms, financial modelling, project evaluation, database architecture, risk registers, financial risks quantification.
• Persistent, highly-energetic personality geared towards obtaining concrete results over timelines and budgets.

I live and work out of San Jose, Costa Rica. I have delivered over 430 trainings, workshops and conferences, on three languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese), delivering close to 10,000 hours of consulting and training, on 37 countries and 78 cities for the past 17 years.

Fernando’s areas of expertise cover mining, banking, finance, oil and gas, manufacturing, project evaluation, forecasts, statistics and market prices.

Prior to his involvement as a consultant in Palisade Corporation, Fernando chaired CFO positions in multinational and local companies in various industries: banking, manufacturing, hospital services, consumer goods, information technology. He also taught MBA courses such as: Introduction to Corporate Finance, Financial Simulation and investment Decisions. Since 1992, he has built financial models, risk models and feasibility studies using @RISK.

Fernando earned his degree in Financial Management at the University of Costa Rica. As a Fulbright scholar awarded by the U.S. government, he obtained an MBA from Indiana University with a major in Finance and Management Information Systems.

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