Staged Clinical Treatment

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Comes with one PDF document (18 pages), one unsolved Excel spreadsheet (Staged clinical treatment unsolved.xlsx), one solved Excel spreadsheet (Staged clinical treatment solved.xlsx) and 8 videos with 37′ 13″ of training.




Within the framework of health sciences, microsimulation models are computer models that operate at the level of the individual behavioral entity, such as a person, family, or firm and try to determine policy or generate aggregate knowledge for health related decisions at a wider level.

Rutter and others succinctly define it:

“Microsimulation models for health outcomes simulate individual event histories associated with key components of a disease process; these simulated life histories can be aggregated to estimate population-level effects of treatment on disease outcomes and the comparative effectiveness of treatments.” [1]

An example such as the national usage of a certain specific health treatment can be exemplified here using microsimulation techniques.  In this case, we build a model of how the behavior of the individual patient can be extrapolated to decisions based, for example, at a national scale.

A certain health treatment is under probabilistic assessment. Researchers want to know whether potential patients would engage on a certain treatment along a 6 month period given a certain treatment cost. There is uncertainty upon whether, after treatment is applied, the patient will eventually feel better or improve his/her health. Several quantitative assumptions have to be made:

[1] Dynamic Microsimulation Models for Health Outcomes: A Review

Carolyn M. Rutter, Alan Zaslavsky, and Eric Feuer

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