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Free Webinar:
Come take a look and learn about Safran Risk

An interactive 60-minute webinar about Safran Risk’s easy cost and schedule integration and all its powerful features, using a practical example.

Thursday, April 8th., 2021,  1:00PM EST

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Online Course:
Introduction to Integrated Project Risk Analysis with Safran Risk

TRAINING OBJECTIVE:  This course will get you the basic tools to build, analyze, run, interpret and communicate integrated project risk analysis using Safran Risk.  Utilizing a real-life example, participants will be able to develop all components for schedule, cost and cash flow quantitative risk analysis of a project.

DATES AND HOURS:  Three 4-hour sessions (12 hours total) on April 2021, 19th, 21st, 23rd,  1PM -5PM EST

DELIVERY:  ZOOM sessions

DETAILS: By the end of the three sessions, participants are expected to be able to set up an integrated project risk-analysis model and be able to run, analyze, interpret and communicate the outcomes of a robust and defendable quantitative risk analysis model of a project, comprising its major components:  schedule, cost and cash flow.

First session deals with theoretical bases and it is more lecture-oriented. Starting on second session, the course becomes highly practical and participative developing a whole example from scratch to final analysis and enhancements. Participants will previously receive a set of files and instructions to download them. Participants are expected to have a working license of Safran Risk (working or trial).  A trial software license can be requested at .  Participants receive links to the recorded sessions, example files and pdf documentation on the course.

PRICE: US$995 per participant.  Credit cards, PayPal or POs accepted.

Ask for limited-time offers for groups and special attendances.

Risk mitigation techniques and manual optimization. Scenario analysis. To correlate or not. Distribution enhancements.

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TRAINER: Fernando Hernandez. Experienced risk and decision-analysis trainer and consultant. Take a look at Fernando’s experience and training qualifications at or watch his video at:

SESSION 1: (Monday February 15th. 1PM-5PM EST)


Risk and uncertainty. Risk quantification. Robustness of quantitative versus qualitative risk analysis. Monte Carlo simulation: settings, convergence. Distribution functions: discrete and continuous.

SESSION 2: (Wednesday February 17th. 1PM-5PM EST)


Set up schedule and cost budget. Defining project risks and types. Risk mapping.  Integrating schedule and cost.  Model validation.

SESSION 3: (Friday February 19th. 1PM – 5PM EST)


Simulation settings (convergence, seed, sampling, correlations). Graphs generation and interpretation: Distributions, drivers, sensitivity analysis, scatter plot, probabilistic cash flow, compared distributions, critical path map.

Risk mitigation techniques and manual optimization. Scenario analysis. To correlate or not. Distribution enhancements.

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